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The textile used in HASTE GARDEN furniture is Batyline® ISO 62 manufactured by Ferrari. More information about our outdoor furniture with Batyline® can be found at our pages with Felicia, Merlin, and Polo. The textile remains fresh even when rapidly drying in full sun. The thermo fixation process ensures exceptional tear resistance. The composition of Batyline® yarns ensures long-term colour fastness stability.


Batyline ® 100% recyclable textile thanks to TEXYLOOP® process.

Technical data of Batyline®:

  • Colour light fastness UVA 340 lamp2.000 hours >7
  • Maximum utilisation temperature (-30°C / + 70°C) -22 F / + 158 F
  • Resistance to micro-organisms Method A and B: degree 0 excellent
  • Reaction to abrasion: SC (very heavy use)
  • Tear strength 40/40 daN
  • Weight per m2: 500 g = psi 7.11
  • Elongation under load 20 daN < 2.5 %
  • Colour fastness against rubbing DIN EN ISO 105 dry 4 / wet 5
  • Valuation of colour change DIN ISO 105-A02 and bleeding of the rubbing cloth ISO 105-A03 passed (5)