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DRALON® makes life softer and warmer forever!

DRALON ® fibre is the world's epitome of quality from Germany, which is manufactured under European standards and which stands for innovation and precision in manufacture. The fabric made of DRALON® is weather resistant, perfect for sunny outdoor spaces such as the garden, deck, or patio. The dry-spun DRALON® fibre inhibits the formation of mildew and helps to resist bacteria. The fabric is form resistant and easy to care for. Even after years of use, it not only retains its comfortable feel and quality, but it is also very durable and unlike cotton will not easily fade and will last longer when exposed to sun, wind and light rain.

TEFLON® stain-proof finishing improves the resistance of the fabric and protects it against dirt, grease, liquids and deposits of dust. TEFLON® stain-proof and water repellent finishing comes with a guarantee of three washings.

Twisted yarn increases the breaking strength and resistance to wear.

Synthetic acrylic fiber DRALON® used for production of our fabric is environmentally friendly. Compared to the ecologically questionable irrigation of cotton plantations the water demand for the production of DRALON® is extremely low. Also with the best CO2 balance worldwide in the production of acrylic fibers DRALON® stands for a responsible treatment of the environment!

For more information about DRALON®, please go to www.dralon.com