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Robinia outdoor furniture - outdoor wood furniture

Robinia commonly called acacia is also known as black locust. This fast growing tree makes a very handsome furniture material, shows excellent hardness, and is extremely resistant to decay. Robinia is a first resistance class wood along with the most valuable European timbers. These qualities make it extremely versatile for exclusive outdoor furniture. All the wood used in the manufacture of our furniture is sourced from Europe.

The features are a straight grain structure, the absence of knots, splits or cracks and an even overall color.

Robinia does not require any special maintenance routine apart from occasional cleaning. If left to age naturally outside by being exposed to light, air and rain, then the surface of the wood will gradually change to a soft, silver-grey as the pigments in the surface layer of the wood start to fade away. We recommend that you simply allow your furniture to weather naturally this way and maintain the silver patina with regular, gentle cleaning with soft-soap flakes dissolved in warm water (not detergent). Let the wood weather to a natural grey or oil to maintain the rich tones.

All HASTE GARDEN furniture collection is manufactured out of European timber from well-managed forests. Use of Robinia wood protects the environment and saves our natural resources.